Martin Bardi

VP and General Manager, Latin America

Martin Bardi is the VP and General Manager for Latin America at Navis. He is responsible for all sales, support and professional services in the Latin American region.

Martin has grown the Navis customer base from 11 customers to over 65 today, making Latin America a key contributor in the region. Martin has a deep knowledge of the business, with over 23 years in the industry, which includes hands-on experience in all phases of software and process implementation, from initial project planning to a full production rollout. He started at Navis in Professional Services in 1999 where as a Sr. Project Manager he gained experience in over 40 implementations.

Prior to joining Navis, Martin worked 5 years at the terminals in the region as a yard and ship planner and was responsible for implementing new technologies that helped to improve operational performance, safety and reduced costs.