Automation Webinar

Prepare for the Future

Larger ships are pushing the boundaries and presenting new challenges for a terminal to maintain its performance. Because of this, we are seeing a growing trend towards intelligent terminals using automation technologies to optimize operations, the benefits of which are becoming increasingly accessible for operations of all sizes.

This webinar will discuss automation, its impact on the marine terminal industry, and the value Navis N4 can provide as you work to optimize your operational processes. The presentation is led by Navis expert John Scattergood.

In this presentation, you will learn more about:

  • Trends in Automation
  • How Automation will Impact the Industry
  • How Navis Can Help you Prepare for the Future

About our presentor:

John Scattergood, Chief Architect, Navis

John has more than 16 years of experience designing innovative software solutions and systems for the maritime industry. During his career, John has served in numerous roles including, Engineer, Project Manager, Development Manager, and Architect and has made significant contributions to Expert Decking, Vessel and Rail Autostow, PrimeRoute for SCs and TTs, ASC Manager, and numerous custom solutions. He is currently responsible for directing the development of Navis’ next generation automated terminal solution.