Navis Vessel Autostow

Optimize and Automate Vessel Planning

Navis Vessel Autostow is an optimization module that automatically generates stowage plans for the entire ship or by specific bay based on rules set by the ship planner and in compliance with vessel planning stowage strategy.

Vessel plans are traditionally created manually and with varying levels of expertise, open to human error and planning inconsistencies. Information sources can be disparate, with limited consideration of the operational environment and terminal constraints. These inefficiencies lead to extended planning times, unnecessary yard re-handles, crane delays, an inability to adapt quickly to scheduling and berthing changes and lower quayside productivity.

Navis Vessel Autostow resolves these problems by combining stowage factors, like port of discharge and container length and weight with yard constraints and operating parameters to select an appropriate container to load. Ships are swiftly planned container-by-container, based on their assigned strategy set and estimated move times, determined by the order of work and associated crane rates.

Vessel Autostow gives ports and terminals a competitive advantage over their neighbors with consistency and speed in planning, saving significant time during those critical operational periods and throughout the vessel planning phase.


Download the Navis Vessel Autostow Brochure here.