Next Generation User Interface (UI)

Improving the User Experience

Navis SPARCS has set the industry standard for graphical planning solutions for container terminals. Navis has since then introduced several concepts and paradigms in user experience. The UI technology has changed dramatically in recent years to include web, mobile and touch interfaces. Navis is in the process of redefining the TOS user-experience and is building new and integrated UI solutions on the N4 platform. The Crane Team User Interface is a mobile and touch enabled for anyone supporting vessel side operations. 

In addition, Terminal Monitoring is a real time application that today monitors and reports the health of an automated terminal in few screens. Designing and deploying these applications is guiding the development on the Next Generation Planning and Control Client, which is planned to replace XPS and XPS-Client in the future. When this vision is realized, we will have a single application that is built using commercial proven technology, that can be monitored by commercially available tools and can be scaled horizontally thereby increasing reliability while providing the users with best in class experience.