Kalmar OneTerminal

Optimizing Terminal Performance

Kalmar OneTerminal provides an integrated automation solution, delivered by one team, that brings together Kalmar and Navis software systems, equipment and services for seamless deployment.

No matter if you are automating a greenfield site or an existing one, Kalmar OneTerminal will help you realise your investments sooner and help ensure that your terminal performance is optimised for both today and tomorrow. Combined with Kalmar’s superior service you can expect dedicated operational support throughout the lifetime of your terminal.

With one key contact, one core team, Kalmar OneTerminal makes automation accessible, mitigates the risks involved and helps you realise the full potential of your terminal operations.

Response to industry challenge

With the port industry on the verge of the next big wave of automation, Kalmar and Navis lead this transformation in addressing the challenges the industry is facing. Kalmar OneTerminal provides seamless integration of the technologies which enable three field-proven automated terminal concepts. It is an integrated offering and an approach by which Kalmar and Navis experience and expertise are applied in partnership with you to help realise your potential.

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