Kalmar SmartPort Automation

Process Automation that leads to Success

Kalmar SmartPort drives greater terminal efficiencies through automating processes, which results in lower overall operational costs, improved safety and better equipment availability. Automation also makes your operations more consistent, predictable and reliable. As the forerunner to fully automated operations, Kalmar offers a wide range of process automation and automated container handling systems. Process automation is an accessible and a fast way to get immediate productivity improvements for a relatively small initial investment. Even a partial adaptation of process automation increases productivity and equipment utilization rate, improves safety and reduces the potential for manual errors. The key to success is the seamless integration of the automation products, existing terminal processes and terminal operating systems.

The Kalmar SmartPort Solutions are a collection of pre-integrated process automation solutions utilizing Kalmar harware technologies, Navis TOS and other technologies from selected  partners. These complete solutions automate the management of terminal operations at the gate, at the quayside and in the yard, with integration and implementation services.  This gives Navis customers direct access to the best of breed, latest technologies that provide measureable business benefits.

SmartPort features solutions for every area of a terminal: (highlighted titles link to videos)

  • SmartStack provides a real-time, accurate inventory of the terminal's containers. This ensures that the terminal will operate as efficiently as possible.
  • SmartPath optimises the travel of terminal tractors and straddle carriers. Job status updates and monitoring allow terminal operators to better utilise these assets.
  • SmartRail provides automated gantry steering for rubber tyred gantry cranes, improving the efficiency and safety of their operations.
  • SmartLift improve operations between container handling equipment and trucks. Job list optimisation and automated job selection ensure that handling equipment is used as efficiently as possible.
  • SmartTrucks manages trucks in yard operations, providing real-time visibility of their movements and automatic updates for all of their work.
  • SmartLane automatically registers container movements at the terminal gates so you can reduce overall truck turn around times.
  • SmartQuay improves productivity during vessel operations. The system automates data capture for all container movements, automatically builds ship plans, and provides tools for managing traffic at the quay.
  • SmartFleet helps maintenance operations to more effectively support terminal equipment. The solution captures key information from all equipment, making it available remotely to supervisors, who will be able to maintain the equipment more quickly and more efficiently.

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