Navis Business Intelligence Portal

Quickly Get to the Operational Insights You Need Most

The Navis Business Intelligence Portal is a comprehensive and agile analytics solution that unlocks TOS data to provide operational insights to improve operations at your terminal. Gate, yard, waterside and rail dashboards provide relevant data into operations for terminal managers, shift managers and supervisors to reduce or eliminate manual analysis and improve performance.



The Navis Business Intelligence Portal provides an out-of-the-box functionality including:

  • 90+ metrics & KPIs 
  • Over 15 dashboards
  • 50 pre-built reports
  • Analytics-ready data model
  • Integration with Navis N4
  • Built-in Security Model enabling role based access to data and dashboards
  • Multi-facility support
  • Ability to key business insights with customers by sharing reports
  • Quick and easy ad-hoc analysis using data discovery and reporting tool to answer questions specific to your operations
  • Customizable metrics