Meet Dave McCandless

VP, Information Technology

What does an IT guy know about refurbishing a battleship?

"My son and I got the opportunity to do some reconstruction and general gofer work on the USS Iowa. It's the last one of its class to be restored, so when my generation is gone, and when his generation is gone, there's still someone to talk about the value of that ship."

That focus on the future - and on building a legacy to be proud of - is what Dave McCandless is all about, and what inspires him to play a strategic role in building collaborative teams at Navis.

"We want IT to be more of a partner," Dave explains. "I tell my team to go and talk to the business centers and understand what they need to do, as opposed to just telling them 'this is gonna be in your best interest.' "

"Because my job is not just about technology. It's about enabling people to make business decisions real time and getting people all they're going to need to know at the time they ask the question. And we're building the foundation for that now - for our customers and our potential customers."

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