Meet Hannah Gilberg

Documentation Manager

Meet the "Voice of Navis."

"That's just something an engineer said when he heard my voice on an online demo," laughs Hannah Gilberg. But it's accurate because Hannah does occasional voice recordings for Navis, such as what customers first hear when they call into Support. But her main responsibility is the voice of Navis documentation.

"I want the text to be simple but complete," she says "A past head of Marketing once said, 'Write like you're using a crayon to explain something to a child.' I strive to make the words go right in."

Her role has gone beyond reporting "what is" to advocating for users, "As early users of new functionality, writers can see ways to improve the user experience, such as tweaking the user interface, or even the functionality. I see us as a bridge between engineering and our users; not just customers, but Support and Professional Services, too."

Why is Navis a good place to work for Hannah? "There's an openness to change at Navis. I see opportunities to make a difference in my own way," she says. "People appreciate when you have something good to bring to the table."

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