Meet Rick Goldman

Senior Trainer

At Navis, it's not only about the product. It's about what people can do with the product. That's what moves Rick Goldman. Because for Rick, people are what is important.

"The rewarding thing about training is working with clients and helping them work with the products. I've gotten lost of notes from clients that made me feel I was really helping them do their job even better, more efficiently, and more effectively."

And that carries over into other areas of Rick's life too. He's an advisor on a committe that's helping to make San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit System (or BART) more bike-friendly. "I bike to work most of the time - I bike to BART, take BART across the bay, and then bike from BART to the office - and this advisory board helps BART address the issues concerning bicycles."

It's another way Rick is bringing people together to be more efficient and more effective - all over the Bay Area. And thats what sets Navis apart.

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