Meet Sanket Sheth

Technical Services Manager

Sanket Sheth (who goes by Seth) knows that one does not live by work alone. In his six years traveling the world for Navis as a technical services manager, Seth has discovered that something as simple as sharing a meal can help you bridge differences on an entirely different level from work.

"There's work, but there's also a social element - understanding what clients do outside the office. You can start to see why they're making the decisions they're making in their professional life. Because those decisions are often informed by the culture and history of what goes on in their personal life."

This approach of looking at the whole picture and not just one tiny detail is what makes Seth, and Navis, distinct. Seth points out, "If you embrace the whole and work to improve the overall structure, tools & processes, and put your all into it, then you will reap the fruits of your labor."

Ultimately, it's the customer who benefits from this perspective. According to Seth, "the customer doesn't just have a product that meets some of their requirements, they have an overall solution that meets all of their requirements."

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