Meet Sumitha Sampath

Director of Product Marketing

"If you're driven and want to accomplish things, Navis really supports employees," Sumitha says.

Sumitha joined Navis eleven years ago, from the world of start-ups.

"In start-ups, it's all about getting the product out the door. But at Navis, I gained respect for doing work that had long impact. Part of the work I did eleven years ago is out there, in different ports around the world. That gives people a lot of pride, to see how long-lasting your impact can be. It's very motivating."

It's motivated Sumitha so much, in fact, that even though she's a full time mom with two kids, and even while she's working full time at Navis with clients all around the world, she's getting her MBA at UC Berkeley. "It's very demanding, but I couldn't do it without Navis. It's such a supportive environment that enables you to be what you want to be."

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