Fully Automated Terminals

Moving Automation Forward One Project at a Time












More and more, terminals are implementing automation as a way to minimize costs and increase the safety and sustainability of their operations. There is a wide array of automation options available and N4 supports all terminal operational types irrespective of where they are in their automation journey. Some terminals are automating their processes with OCR and PDS technologies. Others are introducing partial equipment automation such as using automated yard cranes in conjunction with manned horizontal transport. There are terminals introducing automated rail cranes while operating the yard using a conventional approach. Yet others are introducing full automation with automated QCs, automated horizontal transport, automated yard cranes and automated gates.

The industry continues to innovate in the area of Automated Container Handling Equipment. For instance, while Automated Stacking Cranes and Automated Guided Vehicles were the early forms of automated equipment, we are now seeing the introduction of Automated Shuttle Carriers, Double Cantilever Automated Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, Automated Straddles and Automated Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes.

N4 3.1 makes available the new Navis Optimization framework integrated with the N4 platform that supports all the commercially available automated equipment types. A key feature of automated terminals is the close integration of N4 TOS with the Equipment Control Systems (ECS) to provide seamless operation. N4 has successfully been integrated with leading ECS in the market under various terminal layouts and horizontal transport choices.