N4 Certification

Get the Recognition You Deserve

Your Path to Becoming a Super User

Why Get Certified?

The Navis N4 Certification Program offers the serious N4 user the opportunity to receive industry-wide recognition for a full understanding of our terminal operating solutions. N4 Certification is designed for System Administrators, Yard Planners, Vessel Planners, and/or End User Trainers who want to demonstrate their knowledge of the N4 terminal operating system by being able to update operational criteria, diagnose fundamental system problems, modify operational plans and report cases to Navis support. In addition, those with N4 Certification are able to train individual end users on essential operating procedures.

How to Get Certified?

As a way to encourage a larger population of super users to become certified, N4 Certification is now included in the fees required to attend the two week N4 Operations course. To qualify for certification, candidates must successfully achieve 80% or better on the N4 Certification test. This test is offered at the end of every N4 Operations Course. Candidates may also elect to get certified outside of the N4 Operations course. In this case, the candidate will be required to pay a Certification Fee.

Upon successfully complete the program, candidates will be awarded the certification ID, Navis Certified Logo for their email and other correspondence, and personal recognition by Navis.

For questions about our certification programs, please contact noelle [dot] chalfant [at] navis [dot] com (Noelle Chalfant).