N4 Billing

Eliminate Revenue Leakage and Improve Your Bottom Line

Are you missing out on potential revenue?

Did you know that the logistics industry under-invoices for work it does by an average of 3-12%?  This results in revenue leakage that robs your business of hard earned profits.  At an average of $100 per TEU, this could amount to $3 million to $12 million in lost revenue.

Can your terminal relate to any of these billing related issues?

  • We have too many customer specific variances to simple service / contract structure
  • Number of ‘exceptions’ are limiting Standard Processes
  • Majority of invoices manually checked by staff
  • No Single Source of Truth between operational and billing systems on data
  • Most of invoice ‘disputes’ arise from  Container Yard Other (CYO) services
  • Limited visibility on actual profitability by customer / financial analysis

Navis Billing offers the opportunity to transform billing business processes:

  • Simpler, more standard processes and service structure to drive productivity and automated invoice generation/issue
  • Breakdown silo’s across the business and remove duplication in work/effort
  • Clear accountability / ownership for end to end business processes
  • Improve data quality to support better decision making
  • Rationalize number of reports and stop manual ‘massaging’ of data
  • Spend more time analyzing data to provide business insights

Download the N4 Billing Brochure now.