Navis Equipment Schedulers

Optimizing the use of Automated Equipment

Terminal operating systems take an important role as the 'master brain' that will allow terminals to optimize all processes before, during and after vessel operations. There is much room for improvement in optimizing terminal operations including the areas of berthing, planning, decking, yard allocation strategies and stevedores gang assignments. Optimization and automation of terminal operations is closely tied to automation of the equipment including queue management and equipment scheduling which will ultimately enable terminals to reach targets for performance, reliability and safety. 

Development of schedulers is a large part of the optimization work being done for the next generation of Navis terminal operating systems. These TOS modules will be used at the world's most automated terminals. This innovation in optimization is being built on a new extensible holistic optimization framework that takes into account the operations of the entire terminal and ultimatlely provides a system that breaks through current levels of terminal productivity. 


The Holistic Schedule Alignment will take into consideration:

  1. Terminal resource and performance balancing
  2. Examination of workloads and routes to meet productivity targets
  3. Proactive planning analysis to find potential bottlenecks and adjust parameters in order to maintain terminal performance levels

Optimization development work includes:

Optimization Phase I Optimization Phase II
Holistic Scheduler Routing for Terminal Tractors
ASC Scheduler Routing for Straddle Carriers
AHT Scheduler RGC Scheduler
AIC Scheduler Expert Decking Enhancements
Rail Autostow Enhancements Vessel Autostow Enhancements