Modern Terminals is a Pioneer

"The decision was made that we need to move away from doing our own I.T. The idea really is we should focus on the core business, which is moving boxes, being a container terminal operator."

Michael Yip, Chief Innovation Officer at Modern Terminals in Hong Kong


Modern Terminals (MTL) has been a pioneer and a major player in the growth of the container terminal industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China since the company opened in Hong Kong's first purpose-built container handling facility in 1972. Modern Terminals maintains a leading edge as one of Asia’s most efficient container terminal operators by ensuring that its equipment, terminal operating system (TOS) and operational processes are best in class. In 2014 MTL upgraded their legacy terminal operating system, to Navis N4, the latest and most advanced terminal software available in the market today. N4 was implemented successfully at DaChan Bay Terminals in late 2013.