Transnet Port Terminals Optimizes the Use of Resources with N4

All of our terminals will go live on N4.  It is definitely something our clients want and has definitely helped us with our costs, efficiencies and productivity.

 - Michelle Philips, Deputy Terminal Executive, DCT

Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) was looking for a system where they could manage all of their clients across the South African coastline.  Navis N4 offered that solution.

The advantage for TPT of having a single system enables them to optimize the use of their resources across the country to service their customers’ needs.   N4 enables them to look at the entire operation and move the cargo to where they have the capacity to service it.

When a container comes through the gate, the terminal wants to store them in such a way that when they start loading the vessel, they want to do so in the most productive and optimized way possible, avoiding having to handle containers more than once. N4 enables TPT to automatically plan a position in the yard when the container comes through the gate.  They can plan their yard so when it is time to start loading the vessel they can do so according to an optimized sequence through PrimeRoute.  PrimeRoute keeps the truck drivers on their toes and creates discipline in the yard.

TPT customers don’t have to wait for reports as they have access to up to date, real-time information through N4.  This reduces the type of support that TPT has to give and ultimately enables the customer to manage their own cargo through TPT’s system.

Customers have visibility that they did not have before.  They can manage and see the operations and productivity of the cargo.

N4 allows TPT flexibility to manage terminal with variable operations - whether it is RTG operations or Straddle operations, or if there are transshipments, N4 accommodates this while standardizing business processes across all the terminals, providing the customers a single point of contact to their business.

TPT has been able to improve their value proposition to their customers.  Once they are in South African waters, the shipper can then plan ahead and see when their cargo is due to arrive and move from terminal to terminal around the South African coastline.  This gives them a confidence and security that the shipments can keep to a schedule.

TPT's customers are very happy and satisified with Navis N4.  All of their terminals will be live with N4 as it is something that their customers want. N4 has helped TPT with their efficiencies, costs and productivity.  In terms of functionality, N4 PrimeRoute has enabled them to manage their fleet.

Web and EDI investments have helped TPTcustomers cut back on the paperwork that was flowing through the supply chain prior to the introduction of N4 and TPT is happy to say they can run their terminal without paper.

In the end, TPT says that N4 is helping them to drive down the costs of doing business in South Africa and making South Africa more competitive and growing the economy as a part of the government's drive to increase the economic benefits of their supply chain.