Navis Business Partner

The Navis Business Partner program is for selected companies whose offering complements Navis’ offering either by in depth industry knowledge, complimentary solutions or services.

Together with business partners Navis is able to offer products and services that are constantly developed to create a better solution to support the success of our terminal operator customers.

Navis Business Partner program demonstrates our support and shares our marketing activities with these partnering companies.

Offering complements Navis’ offering either by additional knowledge (industry consultants) or complimentary solutions (simulation and emulation providers) or services that increase the value of our product (such as product extensions or services).

For more information on the Navis Business Partner Program, please contact partners [at] navis [dot] com.

ISL Applications GmbH provides simulation and emulation based products and services to secure and optimise the operation of container terminals worldwide.

The CHESSCON product family

  • supports the planning of greenfield terminals and terminal expansions (Capacity and Terminal Simulation)
  • secures the go live of new terminals and upgraded TOS installations by providing test-beds and training-environments (Virtual Terminal)
  • allows fine-tuning of handling strategies (Virtual Terminal and Shift Preview)
  • supports the day-to-day operation by visualising the current yard state (Yard View) and proactive shift planning (Shift Preview)

TBA is a global simulation consultant and equipment control software supplier.

  • Simulation models have been applied in over 500 terminal studies worldwide.
  • CONTROLS emulation software is used in more than 50 projects globally for testing, tuning and training. The proven virtual terminal training was used to train over 300 users on Navis N4.
  • TEAMS equipment control software is working together with Navis. This is the proven solution in 50% of all fully automated terminals worldwide.