Oct 2017

N4 improvements by the numbers


Navis has released results from a survey that show the measurable benefits terminals have achieved from implementing its N4 TOS.

The survey was conducted for Navis by TechValidate, a company that specialises in the new field of marketing content automation, using surveys to collect customer experience data to generate quantitive data on the ROI from investment in software, along with other performance metrics and case studies.

This is the first time a TOS supplier has produced this type of data, and it should help terminal IT managers struggling to make the case to their management for investment in new software and systems. This has historically been a struggle - despite the low cost of software relative to hardware like STS and yard cranes, it can be difficult to demonstrate that software investment will improve productivity while lowering costs.

Navis N4 is now live or being implemented at over 260 container terminal facilities, with over 40 terminals on the latest N4 3.x releases. The survey results are gathered from 75 of these terminals. By terminal type 53% were RTG terminals, 24% semi-automated facilities, 15% straddle carrier terminals, and 7% automated terminals, which is a representative sample of the industry.

Key findings from the survey show customers experienced the following benefits with N4 in place:

  • 51 percent improved yard productivity by 25-49 percent
  • 57 percent improved gate productivity by 25-49 percent
  • 67 percent improved reporting quality by 25-49 percent
  • 58 percent improved safety by 25-49 percent
  • 59 percent improved IT staff productivity by 25-49 percent"

Importantly, the survey has generated some data on reducing operating costs through N4.  “According to the survey, more than half have reduced costs by at least five percent, while 35 percent achieved 15 percent or more in cost reductions. Among the top areas that Navis has helped lower costs are:

  • 61 percent have lowered their cost in yard planning
  • 59 percent have lowered their cost in yard operations as well as vessel operations
  • 49 percent have lowered their cost in gate efficiency
  • 46 percent have lowered their cost in monitoring and reporting"

“The challenges faced by the global shipping industry are growing in number and complexity – environmental concerns, constrained resources, surging cargo volumes from megaships, demands for quicker turnaround times, volatility in financial markets and technological breakthroughs – all add to a challenging business environment and are forcing executives to think multiple steps ahead,” said Bruce Jacquemard, Chief Customer Officer & SVP,Navis. “In order to tackle these challenges, industry leaders are relying on their equipment, software and technology partners to ensure they have their house in order and are delivering value to their customers. We’re thrilled to see the tangible business outcomes and real impact that N4 continues to have for our customers around the world.”

They survey results, with case studies, can be accessed at this link.