Feb 2018



Navis has hosted an employee hackathon to facilitate breakthrough ideas about product development.

More than 150 Navis and XVELA engineers took part in ‘Navis Hack’, teaming up to submit over 70 innovative ideas with overall themes focused on tackling challenges within the ocean shipping industry, improving existing Navis/XVELA products or proposing new ideas to push the company to the next level in product development.

“Internal hackathons have led to breakthroughs and development of notable products at some of the top technology companies in the world including Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, Google’s Gmail and LinkedIn’s Year in Review,” said Raj Gupta, CTO and SVP Engineering at Navis.

Awarding ideas

The two-day event to boost innovation, collaboration and productivity for the company was held across three offices where Navis and XVELA software engineers are based, including Oakland and Austin in the US and Chennai in India.

Teams at the event presented demos of their design prototypes or implemented solution hacks to colleagues and a panel of judges for consideration and awards.

The winner of the Best Innovation category was the ‘Navis Smart Advisor’ which was based on the idea that N4 system health metrics are pushed to cloud based microservices which use machine learning to provide recommendations to users via Amazon Alexa or Android mobile app.

Intelligent microservice

One of two Customer Impact awards went to ‘System Gurus’ - an intelligent microservice that helps users determine N4 upgrade feasibility by showing users exactly what changed between two different versions of N4 including highlighting groovy extensions whose dependent N4 product APIs have changed.

The Best Design (UI/UX Backend) category was won by ‘XV Geo Hack’, which improves XVELA vessel route mapping to use ocean waypoints, improving the mobile user experience and providing realistic vessel route visualization.