Nov 2017

Ocean Network Express opts for XVELA as its cloud platform


XVELA, a cloud collaboration platform for ocean carriers and terminal operators, recently announced that Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. (“ONE”) has selected XVELA’s next-generation Collaborative Stowage solution to meet its stowage planning needs.

The selection of XVELA’s cloud-based solution underscores the commitment of ONE to take a collaborative approach toward working with operational and technology partners in order to provide a higher level of service and meet shipper expectations.

“Ocean Network Express endeavors to achieve new levels of efficiency and deliver a new standard of service to our customers,” said a ONE executive. “We believe that XVELA’s innovative collaborative solution will enable us to work more effectively with our operational partners around the world in order to attain these goals.”

“ONE is determined to unify and enhance the customer experience through the adoption of new technologies. We are pleased that ONE sees the value of enhanced visibility and collaboration that next-generation cloud solutions can offer, and has accordingly chosen to consolidate their stowage planning activities with XVELA,” said Guy Rey-Herme, President of XVELA.

With the ONE service scheduled to begin April 1, 2018, ONE stowage planners will migrate to the full XVELA cloud-based solution, enabling collaboration and improving communication, transparency and operational efficiency both within the organization and with terminals and other operational partners across the ONE network on a single, shared industry collaboration platform.

In an interview with LM, Rey-Herme noted that XVELA is currently the industry's only neutral, securely connected cloud platform specifically designed to enable collaboration between ocean carriers and terminal operators, starting with stowage planning and execution and soon expanding to berth management and port call optimization.

“Likewise, there are a number of stowage planning solutions in the market today, such as StowMan and PowerStow, that offer planning tools similar to those found in XVELA's cloud stowage application,” he says.  “But XVELA is much more than a stowage planning tool. These on-premise solutions cannot provide the collaboration capability, network visibility, and real-time data exchange enabled by the XVELA collaboration platform.”