Oct 2017

Safer, Smarter and More Sustainable Operations


As terminals are pressed to move greater volumes of cargo faster than ever before, they are demanding marked improvements in terminal productivity.

A recent survey gathered from more than 75 Navis N4 customers, reveals some insight into the increasingly critical role a Terminal Operating System (TOS) plays in making global trade smarter, safer and more sustainable.

“The challenges faced by the global shipping industry are growing in number and complexity, all add to a challenging business environment and are forcing executives to think multiple steps ahead,” said Bruce Jacquemard, chief customer officer & SVP, Navis.

“In order to tackle these challenges, industry leaders are relying on their equipment, software and technology partners to ensure they have their house in order and are delivering value to their customers.”

Navis’s TechValidate survey, titled, 'Why N4?' sheds light on current industry challenges, top reasons for selecting N4 and measurable improvements in productivity and efficiency achieved with the terminal system to date.

The survey reveals that Navis N4 customers have experienced 51% saw an improvement in yard productivity by between 25 and 49%. In addition, 57% improved gate productivity by the same amount.

One terminal which uses the Navis N4 TOS is ICTSI's Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT).

“Virginia International Terminals relies on the functionality and stability of the N4 product to help us deliver a world class experience to major port stakeholders,” said Richard Ceci, senior VP of technology and projects, Virginia International Terminals.

The Navis N4 system is currently live or being implemented at over 260 container terminal facilities globally.