Mar 2018

XVELA Stowage Plan Cloud App Links Simatech Shipping


XVELA, the world’s first maritime business network for ocean carriers and terminal operators, has announced that Simatech Shipping, the leading container feeder operator in the Asia, Indian Subcontinent and Middle East regions, has gone live with XVELA’s cloud-based stowage planning application.

Dubai-based Simatech will perform stowage planning for its fleet of container vessels in the cloud, a virtual storage space for data, using XVELA’s collaborative SaaS stowage solution.

The carrier is using XVELA’s connectivity to collaborate with its called terminals to improve communication and transparency around vessel calls.

Vessel masters are able to log in to XVELA directly from the vessel to view current planning information in real time, including stability, lashing, hazardous segregation and line-of-sight results in advance of the vessel call, increasing the likelihood that the vessel will sail on time once load operations are complete.

Captain Suhail Mukadam, Operations Manager, Simatech Shipping, said: “XVELA’s cloud stowage solution is already having a positive impact on the efficiency and productivity of our stowage planning team.

“As a manager, I can easily view a snapshot of the team’s daily progress and usage through XVELA’s built-in analytics.”

Simatech stowage planners were able to move from the legacy PowerStow software to XVELA’s cloud solution over the course of two weeks.

XVELA avoided a sudden, sometimes disruptive, go-live of Simatech’s on-premise software by gradually moving to the cloud, which involved little downtime or risk to business operations.

Guy Rey-Herme, President of XVELA, said: “Simatech’s thorough testing and feedback on XVELA’s collaborative stowage application has been invaluable as we continue to develop and refine our solution and deliver it to the broader maritime industry.

“We appreciate Simatech’s commitment to innovation as early adopters of the XVELA solution as well as their dedication to moving the industry forward, driving network adoption for the benefit of all stakeholders in the ocean supply chain.”