XVELA Targets Shippers

Aug 2017

XVELA plans to integrate shippers into its data sharing platform, which was recently rolled out to terminals and carriers.

Currently, carriers and terminal operators share electronic data files such as arrival and departure stowage plans, load lists and plan visualisations in the XVELA platform, which seeks to optimise the efficiency of terminals through better planning and collaboration. ‘Two of the top five carriers’ have agreed to a phased rollout of the platform, and president Guy Rey-Herme told CM that the Navis subsidiary also to introduce shippers to the platform for the benefit of all parties involved.

“They want to know where on the vessel their container is, as well as what he plan is, so they have a better idea of when it is going to be available to them,” Rey-Herme said.

“Meanwhile we would ideally like to know the stock keeping unit (SKU) of the containers. If it is a seasonal product it can go on top, and if it’s non-seasonal it can go on the bottom.” At the moment shippers have little visibility of the terminal-side processes and plans and Rey-Herme said he believes XVELA could fill in one of the industry’s current blind spots.

“Shippers will gain the ability to adapt the supply chain to real time demand. They'll be able to react based on the weather forecast. -for example, the need to send products over to the East Coast and not the West Coast because of a change in the weather.

“A few days makes a huge difference- if a product arrives a few days later you might have to discount your product, so it’s really about how you protect your margins.”

Navis chief revenue officer Bruce Jacquemard said that integrating shippers into the real time database would bring shipping up to speed with other industries.

“Tuning your entire process so that you map supply and demand – that is the ultimate Holy Grail,” he said. “These networks where you get real time data give you the ability to move towards providing the highest possible service with the lowest possible cost.

“Nobody wants to have more than they need in the supply chain so the benefit to the shipper in this real time world is to give them the ability to look at their inventory and manage it at the right service level.”

Rey-Herme also said other players, such as truckers and rail operators, will eventually be introduced to into XVELA. “If you have a clearer plan and know exactly when the container is going to be available for pick up you could save half an hour for the driver. If you can save half an hour for every driver that’s hundreds of millions of dollars saved.

“We don’t need to have a massive impact on productivity to convert it into huge savings overall because of the volumes that are being processed.”