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Oct 10, 2015 – World Cargo News

Navis' N4 Boom

Navis is having significant success in Latin America with its flagship N4 TOS. In the three months since June, eight terminals have gone live with N4, and 16 more are in the process of implementation, with go-live schedules from 2015 to 2017.

Sep 26, 2015 – Latin Business Daily

Libra Terminais Rio Completes Navis N4 Installation

Navis announced that Libra Terminais Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has successfully completed implementation of the Navis N4 Terminal Operating System. As a technology partner, Navis focuses on operational performance from the beginning of implementation through terminal go-live and beyond. The implementation of the N4 system will help optimize operations and processes to achieve competitive advantages and improve customer satisfaction, as well as support Libra’s regional sustainability initiatives.

Sep 22, 2015 – World Cargo News

Seven More for N4

Navis has announced seven terminals have gone live with its N4 TOS since June 2015. The seven terminals are spread across the globe and bring the number of terminals live on N4 to 118. The latest implementations represent a very diverse range of terminals.

Aug 20, 2015 – Port Technology International

What Makes a Productive Port (or Terminal)?

While port productivity can be defined differently between terminal operators and customers, there is a general consensus that productivity can be greatly improved with the help of certain tools and initiatives, such as carrier-terminal collaboration, which can be a win-win situation for ports and shipping lines if joint-planning is implemented, as a way of optimising cargo flows from end-to-end. Oscar Pernia, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Navis, argues that: “The traditional view of port efficiency is focused on pure terminal operations rather than end-to-end port operations, because terminal operations typically account for 62% of the total port stay but there is still 38% of the port stay that vessels spend waiting for vessel services, berthing, steaming-in and out. This time could be significantly improved by better transparency, richer data exchange and more intelligent solutions assisting those processes.

The competitive mindset between vendors needs to come to a halt after projects are awarded and immediately switch to a collaborative one to embrace a common goal, says Navis. They say that new methodology has to be applied, not only to the terminal design, but to the actual tactics of running the operations. The integration and complexity of establishing requirements for the new machines, systems, and human beings make successful terminal automation a difficult endeavour.

Jul 6, 2015 – Marine Link

Navis N4 TOS Open in Liverpool Terminal

The Navis N4 Terminal Operating System (TOS) and AutoGates are now live and fully operational following the construction and commissioning programs. The new TOS and 10-lane AutoGates are the latest phase of new infrastructure in the company’s $468 million redevelopment project to expand and develop Liverpool2, consolidating its position as the UK’s largest transatlantic deep-sea port and container terminal.

Jun 17, 2015 – Port Technology International

Navis Inspire UK First For PD Ports

The UK’s first cross-platform terminal operating system built by Navis has been implemented at Teesport. Following the successful implementation of the new system across Teesport’s container terminals in 2013, the decision was taken to introduce the Ro-Ro module into the ferry operations the following year.

Jun 10, 2015 – World Cargo News

Kalmar and Navis Launch OneTerminal

Kalmar and Navis, both part of Cargotec, introduced Kalmar OneTerminal at TOC Europe in Rotterdam this week. “Kalmar OneTerminal is an integrated automation solution for the container terminal industry consisting of Kalmar and Navis software, equipment and services. Developed out of years of experience, Kalmar OneTerminal is the industry's first integrated offering under one roof, combining software systems, equipment and services both during project implementation and after the go-live. With one key contact, one core team, Kalmar OneTerminal makes automation accessible, mitigates the risks involved and helps customers realise the full potential of their terminal operations” Kalmar stated.

Jun 1, 2015 – Container Management

Navis Releases New BI Portal

Navis has unveiled a new terminal business intelligence (BI) portal, which provides data analytics solutions and features integration with its N4 terminal Operating system (TOS). The BI Portal will offer hourly, daily and historical data analysis in near real-time, aiming to deliver a "360-degree view" of terminal performance.

Jun 1, 2015 – Container Management

Navis Provides N4 TOS to Baltic Container Terminal

Navis announced an N4 TOS license agreement with Baltic Container Terminal (BCT), to enable the privately owned container terminal in Riga, to improve productivity and widen search ranges through the implementation of N4. Dmitry Kiselyev, IT manager of BCT, said: "The Baltic region is facing geopolitical challenges, but Latvia's favourable environment provides us with tremendous growth opprotunities. As we look to the the future, we see N4 as an essential partner that will help BCT modernise and optimise operations, ready our facitility for future automated equipment and operational processes, support changing business requirements and improve ROI potential."