Navis In the News

Cargotec and Navis have outlined how they see the relationship between the TOS and fleet management developing

“POAL is actively reviewing the shift away from a replacement strategy to an upgrade strategy (from Navis SPARCS) to Navis SPARCS N4,” the company said in a statement.

GCT will use the Navis SPARCS N4 TOS and manage task allocation and equipment optimisation using Navis’s PrimeRoute optimisation tool to allocate jobs and the new Navis ECN4 equipment control module (which replaces radio server).

All the terminal operations, including the shared gate, will communicate with existing Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS).

Global Terminal (GCT) became the first terminal in North America to deploy the new Navis N4 terminal operating system.

Terminals and ports of all sizes are faced with progressively more compelling arguments to augment their management processes with new IT operating systems.......The need for flexibility and customization in TOS development is reflected in SPARCS N4

Sociedad Portuaria de Cartagena (SPRC) in Cartagena, Columbia will implement a terminal process automation solution that integrates Navis Marine Telematics Software (MTS) with RTLS technology.

With 50 sites now running its SPARCS N4 TOS, Navis believes the existing community of SPARCS users will start making the transition in greater numbers

Global (Container Terminals Inc.) will operate Navis TOS, SPARCS N4 over the whole terminal and incorporate RFID truck identification

All data from the combined solutions is integrated to the Navis SPARCS terminal operating system