May 24, 2018

Abu Dhabi Terminals Prepares for Next Level of Automation Planning with Navis N4 Upgrade

Terminal Migrates to Newer Version of N4 to Hit Various KPIs Including Improving Turn Around Time, Moves Per Hour and Cost Per Move

Navis announced that Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) has successfully upgraded to N4 3.4. Following a successful migration in March 2018, the terminal is now ready to execute its plans for next level automation, efficiency and accuracy improvements. 
ADT manages and operates Khalifa Port Container Terminal, the first semi-automated container terminal in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region. Currently, ADT handles an annual throughput of 1.6 million TEU and is a central component of the UAE’s maritime infrastructure – serving as the main gateway to the Abu Dhabi market and significant hub for regional trade. With a strategic focus on technology and innovation, the terminal has selected to continue its relationship with Navis as its TOS provider, to deliver high-level automation that brings prompt and cost-effective services to customers with efficiency and accuracy.  

“Migrating to a new system, even with the same provider, is a major undertaking for any terminal and poses many potential challenges,” said Arturo Garcia, Chief Information Officer at Abu Dhabi Terminals. “Through close collaboration with Navis and due to proper planning, intensive testing and dedication by all parties involved, this was one of the smoothest implementations completed at ADT to date. We will continue collaborating with Navis in the future to enhance and develop new functionalities in the system in order to keep ADT among the few terminals around the world that are prepared to deliver high level automation services with a very high crane productivity.”

ADT will continue to innovate and automate its services to the benefit of its customers, employees and shareholders as the technology driven terminal heralds a new era of growing importance of automation and advanced technology in large infrastructure projects in the region. As such, it has upgraded its TOS to help further reduce vessel and truck turnaround times, enable increases in terminal productivity and reductions in cost per move, all while reducing the risk of human error.  

“Efficiency and functionality has always been core to our ongoing TOS development and we’re excited that our longstanding partners continue to see the benefit of implementing our latest technology,” said Chuck Schneider, VP and GM of the EMEA region at Navis. “Following its migration, ADT is well equipped to provide safe, highly productive and cost efficient services, ensuring that the global and local competitiveness of its customers remains second-to-none.”