Jul 31, 2013

Joint Media Statement: Maher Terminals and Navis

Update on Operations at Maher Terminals, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth, NJ and Oakland, CA       July 31, 2013

The implementation of the new operating systems at Maher’s Elizabeth, NJ facility has turned the corner, as service has returned to acceptable levels during the past several weeks, albeit at reduced volume. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this steady progress has now put the terminal in a position to handle all of its business and transition to normalized operations.

After extensive testing and root cause analysis by all of the stakeholders along with important feedback from ILA users of the system, it was determined that the real-time interactions between the various system components deployed in the container yard were not operating as designed. Thanks to the extensive commitment of around-the-clock resources from Navis, Maher, and its IT partners, a modified plan has been successfully implemented. That modified plan has scaled back select automated components of the overall solution and stabilized core functionality. Maher and other system providers will phase-in those retracted automated components on a controlled basis.

"We are confident that our modified plan is the right strategy for a permanent return to the volume and service levels our customers expect from Maher Terminals," said Gary Cross, Maher Terminals President & CEO. The Navis N4 system will continue as the core operating system. Its proven capability to be reconfigured quickly to accommodate operational needs and its advanced technology provide a significant boost to the future development and capacity growth of Maher Terminals for its customers in a climate where vessels will continue to increase in size and volumes continue to grow. With the Navis N4 platform in place, Maher Terminals and its customers are now well-positioned to capitalize on the impact of the Port Authority of NY/NJ’s recent commitment to raise the deck of the Bayonne Bridge by 2015.

Both Maher Terminals and Navis would like to express their collective appreciation to Maher’s customers, partners, the ILA, and neighboring terminals for their support, patience, and understanding during this implementation.