Sep 14, 2017

Mexico’s Altamira Terminal Portuaria Completes Navis N4 Upgrade, Simplifying & Optimizing Operations for Improved Customer Service

Amid Growing Container Volumes, Terminal System Upgrade Supports Evolving Ocean Shipping Supply Chain Needs

Navis today announced that Mexico-based Altamira Terminal Portuaria (ATP) has successfully completed its upgrade to version 3.3 of the Navis N4 terminal system, furthering its position as a leading port operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The terminal went live on the new system on July 8, 2017, without delays or operational disruptions, and has already begun to experience benefits following the upgrade from N4 version 2.1.

Located in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, ATP, a subsidiary of Grupo Mexgal, operates in one of Mexico’s busiest freight ports and serves as an essential stopover for cargo traveling through the region and the Gulf of Mexico at large. Handling 350,000 TEUs annually, the terminal has achieved strong productivity levels to date, including 83 container moves per hour with 2.5 cranes, 200 yard moves per hour, and truck turnarounds times of 22 minutes on average. Anticipating future container growth in the region and greater agility needed to meet evolving customer needs, ATP upgraded to N4 3.3, delivering on its commitment to serve as the most efficient and competitive terminal in the Gulf.

“N4 encompasses a wide-variety of features that enable our terminal to optimize operations and respond swiftly to changing business requirements, keeping us one step ahead of the curve in order to satisfy our customers’ needs,” said Captain Adonay Navarro Saad, Chief Operating Officer, ATP. “We are pleased to bring one of the latest N4 versions to Tamaulipas, and must credit the dedication of our ATP employees, Navis Professional Services, as well as thorough training and testing of the new system as critical factors in the success of our go-live.”

“As Mexican cargo volumes continue to rise, forward-thinking terminals like ATP have taken the preemptive step to ensure they have the most modern infrastructure and processes in place to accommodate both future growth along with heightened customer expectations,” said Chuck Schneider, Navis VP and General Manager, Americas. “Navis is proud to be ATP’s continued choice for its terminal system and remains committed to working collaboratively with the terminal to ensure both its operators and customers realize the full benefits of our solutions and services.”