Feb 23, 2018

Navis to Host Inaugural Summit Focused on Exploring the Future Evolution of Terminal Automation Technology

Exclusive summit will engage key stakeholders across the ocean shipping community in interactive dialogue on how to leverage next-gen automation to rise to industry challenges and drive productivity

Navis today announced that it will host its inaugural 2018 Automation Summit on March 13, 2018 in London.  The summit brings together many of the world’s largest automated and semi-automated ports and terminals, along with executives and experts from Navis, to discuss the current state terminal automation and how operators can capitalize on the next wave of innovation.

Automation has become a top priority for the ocean shipping industry, and the technology that is currently available or under development is having a widespread impact on day-to-day operations. However, not all ports and terminals are taking advantage of the new technology and equipment at the same pace and many are struggling to achieve the true potential that automation holds. During the summit, more than 50 participants will attend informative sessions and workshops aimed at taking a deeper dive into the benefits of today’s technology, share their automation success stories and operational struggles and envision the potential for even greater disruption in the industry in the years to come.

The conference will aim to help customers across varying degrees of automation – from those in the initial exploration phase to those that have implemented full scale automation – to better understand the next wave of automation and how Navis’ cutting edge terminal operating system can improve ROI.

Sessions for the conference include:

    State of Terminal Automation – customer panel focusing on where the industry currently stands, the next wave of automation and how terminals can make it as successful as possible.
    Leveraging Technology, Process and People to Increase Operational Productivity at Automated Terminals – panel discussion exploring practical examples and case studies of innovative uses of software equipment, data analytics, processes and people to drive productivity in automated terminals.
    Next Generation UX/UI in Terminal Automation – Navis executives will share insights on next generation user experience/interfaces to improve the effectiveness of automated terminal staff. In this workshop, participants will then break into teams to brainstorm and provide input; sharing their ideas and expertise for next generation automated terminal software and processes.

Furthering the conversation around terminal automation, Navis will also be headlining the upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference, hosted by Port Technology International, on March 14-15 in London. During the event, Navis executives will help attendees gain a better understanding of the future of AI and automation, how to deliver value through automation, the power of digitalization, information sharing and connecting planning processes across an intelligent supply chain and more.