Dec 5, 2016

TCP Invests R$25 Million in New Navis Terminal System

Terminal Implements Navis N4 as Part of an Investment to Optimize its Operations, Expanding its Productivity and Efficiency

TCP, the company responsible for managing the Paranaguá Container Terminal, one of the largest container terminals in the country, has implemented a new integrated port operation system to increase terminal productivity, reduce costs and improve the interface with its customers. As part of the new system, the company has adopted Navis N4, a market leader in Brazil and worldwide, acknowledged as a complete solution for port terminals. The investment for the overall system implementation reaches R$25 million.

The migration to the new system is due to the evolution of the infrastructure and processes of the Paranaguá Container Terminal. “Navis is the world’s most widely used operating system and should generate increased efficiency and productivity for the terminal. With that, we are able to integrate port information into the system, generating even more speed and reliability to the work developed by TCP,” explained Alexandre Rubio Teixeira Pinto, CFO of TCP.

According to the executive, the modernization of the management system is in line with the terminal’s growth plan, which provides for an increase in capacity from 1.5 million TEUs to 2.5 million TEUs by 2018. “With Navis, TCP will achieve improvements over the previous system, including optimizing yard management with the use of automated processes, promoting a more efficient allocation of trucks that transport the containers between the equipment and the ships, and better segregating containers in the yard,” he emphasized.

“In order for TCP to reach its substantial growth target, a system like N4 is critical to help drive new efficiencies and operational optimization needed to facilitate greater amounts of cargo at the terminal,” said Martin Bardi, Senior Director, Latin America Field Operations, Navis. “We are proud to have the opportunity to work with TCP, and look forward to working in cooperation to ensure that our technology makes a positive impact to container flow both regionally and on a global scale.”

Diego Neufert, IT manager for TCP, states that the choice of the new system was facilitated by an international consulting firm, and took into account Navis’ ability to track the terminal’s future growth and customer-focused services. “TCP aims to offer customers the best possible service and, thus, we understand that investing in operational optimization is a crucial step. This system allows internal customization by the Information Technology team of TCP, being easily adaptable to our needs,” he emphasized. With the TCP implementation, Navis N4 is now present in 14 terminals in Brazil, and 316 terminals around the world. The new system was implemented in early October and is already in operation.

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