May 3, 2017

Tecon Rio Grande Selects Navis N4 Upgrade in its Goal to Modernize Operations and Increase Productivity by 45 Percent to 80 MPH

Long-time Navis customer continues strategic investment in port improvements with upgrade to Navis N4 Terminal System

Navis today announced that Tecon Rio Grande (Tecon RG), a subsidiary of Wilson Sons Group, successfully upgraded to the N4 terminal system. With a focus on modernizing operations, Tecon RG has recently made a series of investments in new equipment, totaling more than $40 million, that when combined with the investment in N4, will deliver greater agility and an estimated 45 percent increase in average productivity.

Tecon Rio Grande, a leading container terminal operator in the south of Brazil, is one of the few facilities along the east coast of South America that can handle some of the biggest containers ships coming to call today, and manages 98 percent of the containerized cargo that passes through the Port of Rio Grande. With 24/7 operations, the terminal receives all of the main shipping lines that connect Brazil with the rest of the world, and currently handles 720,000 TEUs annually, with an average of 55.5 berth moves per hour.  Since 2014, the terminal has made several investments in gate automation and process automation on billing and customs cargo clearance. The terminal recently acquired 11 new pieces of quay and yard equipment, and upgraded to N4 as part of its larger initiative to optimize operations.

“The N4 project is an important part of our strategic plan to modernize the terminal, preparing for the influx of bigger vessels and a challenging business environment, as well as reinforcing our position as the most efficient terminal in Latin America,” said Paulo Bertinetti, Terminal Executive President Director, Tecon RG. “Our global customers are familiar with Navis and have come to expect the streamlined operations and processes that can be achieved through the N4 software. By implementing N4, combined with our investments in new equipment and infrastructure, we are well prepared to address the changing business needs of our customers with greater speed and agility and deliver the first-class experience they have come to rely on.”

A customer since 1999 and the first Brazilian terminal to sign with Navis, Tecon RG selected N4 based on its years of success working with the Navis platform. With more cargo passing through Tecon RG than ever before, the terminal needed to improve its overall productivity (MPH), to receive and transfer cargo more efficiently and relied on N4 to provide the baseline for process automation improvements. Following the N4 implementation and acquisition of new equipment, Tecon RG is targeting an increase in MPH from 55.5 to 80 through the end of 2017 and then to 100 as of 2018. With a heavy focus on efficiency and productivity, Tecon RG is also utilizing Navis’ PrimeRoute, Expert Decking and AutoStow optimization modules. As a next step in their engagement, the terminal will implement a Navis Business Intelligence project to unlock terminal system data and provide operational insights for terminal improvements to its management team.

“Thanks in large part to consolidation taking place within the industry, Tecon RG is facing a tremendous increase in cargo volumes arriving on megaships in the coming years. Despite the rising volume, the terminal is committed to providing its customers reliable service, strong productivity, and efficient, automated processes through its investments in new equipment and systems,” said Chuck Schneider, Navis VP and General Manager, Americas. “To deliver on these promises, Tecon RG turned to Navis as a trusted partner and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership post-implementation, ensuring the best possible results as they continue to focus on process automation.”