May 4, 2016

Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso Goes Live with N4 Terminal Operating System

Terminal operating system (TOS) implementation sought to optimize operations and yard safety

Navis announced that Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso (TPS), part of the Ultramar Group, has successfully gone live with the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS). Upgrading to N4 from a legacy, in-house TOS will help the terminal achieve key operational goals, such as improving the safety of yard workers and increasing terminal productivity by managing resources in a more efficient way.

Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaiso, located on the south pacific coast of Chile, is a major container terminal in Chile and Latin America, and is one of the most efficient terminals in the region. TPSV operates in an area of over 14 hectares composed of five berths, handling an average of 1,000,000 TEUs. Nearly 90 percent of cargo coming through Valparaíso is processed through TPSV which amounts to over 10.3 million tons per year.

“The implementation of Navis N4 TOS has been a major milestone for our terminal in the last year,” said TPSV Operations Manager Gabriel Tumani. “With the goal of expanding our throughput capacity, we looked for best-in-class technologies that would enable us to use our yard as efficiently as possible. We found that Navis offers the latest technology with proven results at more than 130 maritime terminals worldwide,” continued Tumani. “I can happily say that the transition to N4 was the best move for us because not only has it allowed us to optimize the productivity of our equipment and people, but it has also made our shipyard safer for our employees.”

Optimization of the operation was key to TPSV and by utilizing Prime Route via a global pooling concept of terminal tractors following the N4 go-live; TPSV has been able to reduce the average terminal tractors from 5.5 to 4.5 per gang. TPSV is anticipating 15% growth over the next five years and is looking forward to the flexibility of N4 helping them to manage that growth.

“N4 is continuing to gain market share and is becoming the de-facto TOS industry standard amongst terminals in Latin America, and via the first  go-live in Chile and joint partnership with TPSV validates Navis as the most trusted TOS provider for some of Latin America’s most strategic  ports,” said Chuck Schneider, Regional General Manager for Navis. “We share TPSV’s goal of maintaining a very high standard of terminal productivity through maximizing terminal efficiency, and are proud to be working together to go above and beyond those high standards.”