Optimization Services

Tune and Optimize your Terminal's Operations

Navis Professional Services offers a range of operational centric consulting services that help terminals to optimize their processes and increase productivity and efficiency. 





Business Intelligence



Improve your implementation of Automation and Optimization Software Get help from Navis Operational Experts to improve business processes and the use of N4 Leverage the data that operations leaves behind to drive improvements Learn how to benefit from having a virtual terminal at your fingertips



Implementation of Expert Decking, Prime Route, & Autostow

Terminal operators can boost productivity by using optimization software for automated decision-making. However, it’s no secret that the implementation of these systems bears challenges that need to be addressed carefully. Navis has an operations-centric implementation approach for our traditional optimization software and our new schedulers. Read our paper on implementing optimization modules.


Occasionally, terminals have so specific processes involving decision logic that it pays off to create tailored optimization software. Navis offers an end-to-end implementation project that involves the design and implementation of a custom optimization solution and the integration into N4



Operational Tuning

Are you sure you have all your operational processes defined in an optimal way?
Are you sure you take full advantage of N4, and is the configuration representing all recent change to your business? Navis offers short operational review activities to help drive performance and identify areas for improvement – one time only or on a recurring basis.

Dual Cycling Workshop

Does N4 support Dual Cycling? Yes, it does. Achieving Dual Cycling however, is more a matter of proper changes to business processes and operational training/discipline. Navis offers short operational engagement to help terminal do dual cycling, and do it for as many bays as possible. Download more information on Dual Cycling here »

Operations Planning

We are teaching you tips and tricks of N4 on the job while you do operations planning and plan validation. You will likely be able to reduce congestion risk and rehandles, while doing smart housekeeping ahead of vessel operations.

Operations Execution

Are you using the Equipment Console in the most effective way to tightly manage vessel operations? As part of this short engagement we shadow your operations, while providing best practices using N4. This works best when Prime Route is being used. We have seen examples where productivity was improved several points or where the needed number of truck was reduced by 20%.

Billing And payment Optimization

In recent engagements with terminal operators, we have learned that there is a lot that terminals can do to improve their billing and payment processes. Optimizing these processes can help improve cash flow, increase revenue, reduce costs and control operating expenses.  Learn more about how Navis Professional Services can help you to optimize billing and payment processes.

business intelligence


Data Driven Vessel Operations Analysis

Whether you are using our new BI Portal, or if we just have raw data in N4, we can learn a great deal about container moves that caused delays, and then analyze the operational or technical root cause for the delay. We create custom tools as needed to help you better understand your specific operational situations

Emulation Services

Most semi- or fully automated terminals use emulation as an approach to do testing and operational tuning. Navis does offer comprehensive emulation services ranging from data set creation, periodic emulation result analysis, all the way to serve as the prime contractor for both the TOS and the emulation work.