Product Extensions Developer Workshop

Learn to develop code extensions for N4 TOS

Workshop Description

This 5 day hands-on workshop is intended for qualified Java developers who have an interest in developing code extensions for the Navis N4 Terminal Operation System. Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on exercises, students will learn how to set up ItelliJ, Java SDK, Groovy, and Navis library environments. In addition, students will learn best practices in groovy coding will be covered with many practical examples of writing, deploying, and testing customer Groovy code in N4. In addition to Groovy development, general notices, web services, SOAP testing, script runners, and other product extension externalization methods will be discussed in detail. The course is typically 5 days in length, but may be extended to 7 days for those customers wishing to add N4 Billing Code Extensionscode extensions as well.  

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to the course and a high-level summary of product extensions.
  • Setting up development environments (IntelliJ, Java SDK, Groovy, Navis libraries).
  • Groovy coding standards
  • Practical examples of writing, deploying and testing custom Groovy code in N4. Will cover each of the following methods of externalization with discussion of advantages of each:
          - Groovy Plugins/General Notices
          - Web Services
          - Including SOAP testing if required
          - Code Extensions/Extension Triggers
          - Script Runner
          - Groovy Hooks
          - Groovy Plugins/Groovy Jobs
          - Gate Business Task Groovy Externalization
  • Using the techniques described above to tackle real use cases.
  • If required, assistance and advice to your organization on the Use Cases that you intend to implement using Groovy.


  • N4 Operations Course
  • Working knowledge of terminal operations
  • Experience with Java, APIs and programming


  • TOS Software Extension Developers
  • Administrators of groovy code libraries


  • 5-7 days intensive classroom training
  • Hands-on labs and workshops
  • Student materials

Course can also be offered on request.

**All other expenses of travel are the student’s responsibility.