Manned Terminals

Supporting RTG & Straddle Carrier Operations

The earliest versions of  Navis N4 were designed for manned terminal operations.  The functionality of the most recent releases still support the various types of manned container handling equipment including: terminal tractors, Rubber Tired Gantry cranes (RTG), Rail Mounted Gantry cranes (RMG), Straddle Carriers, Cantilever Rail Mounted Gantry (C-RMG) operations. N4 enables these types of terminals to plan the yard, berth, vessel, gate operations.  It also manages operational events and inventory, monitors work instructions, and utilizes the Community Access Portal to pre-advise containers and make gate appointments. N4 provides the ability to manage all aspects of yard inventory with visibility across all operations, define and manage equipment pools, configure the yard and easily make changes to the yard plan.

Navis Optimization Modules of PrimeRoute and Expert Decking optimize the movement and planning of container placements in the yard. The Equipment Control feature enables terminals to cut back on equipment idle time and use less equipment to achieve the same or greater throughput as before with functionality to efficiently choreograph real-time container moves among operators of container handling equipment (CHE) via a network of vehicle-mounted terminals (VMTs).

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Whether you use RTGs, Straddle Carriers, Reachstackers, terminal tractors etc, N4 helps terminals to manage their operations with optimal efficiency and productivity.