Business Intelligence

From Data to Insight

"Our new Navis BI tool has served as a real game-changer. We now have much more visibility into our operations, and by utilizing the resulting information, we are able to much more effectively manage change and conduct active decision-making." - Mike Westmoreland, Business Process Manager at PD Ports


Navis BI portal Implementations

Navis Business Intelligence is a comprehensive and agile analytics solution that unlocks terminal data to provide insights to improve operations at your terminal. Gate, yard, waterside and rail dashboards provide relevant data into operations for terminal managers, shift managers and supervisors to reduce or eliminate manual analysis and improve performance. Navis Services provides all the support you need to realize the promise of BI by configuring the BI portal to fit your terminal's needs, including basic installation, joint configuration of custom dashboards, IT infrastructure recommendations and 3rd party data integration.

Operational Analysis

Business Intelligence doesn't meet its goals until it provides real improvements to your operations productivity and efficiency. Navis Services provides consulting that combines operational experience with deep understanding of data to turn your BI insights into operational improvements. We can use any data available and we will bring data analytics tooling to correlate data to generate operational insights.

Customer Story:

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