N4 Extensions and System Integration

Customize Navis to Fit Your Operations

"Field Development has completed many jobs and always provide great results. The developers are helpful and experienced. We always appreciate working with them.”  - Faruk Yılmaz ŞAHİN, Operational Software Executive, Marport

Extensions and Custom Development

While N4 is the industry’s most comprehensive and configurable terminal system, sometimes there is a need to extend its functionality beyond what’s available out of the box. Our core team of services developers are here to help. With years of industry and software experience under their belts, our team focuses on understanding your business needs and responding them quickly, often through onsite visits and agile software cycles.

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Systems Integration

Navis N4 is typically not the only system used by our customers. We understand how vital it is that the multiple systems used by our customers work together seamlessly and efficiently. We are here for you when you want to make sure that your integrations are built in the right way, and will be both stable and productive.