N4 Implementations and Upgrades

Relentlessly Committed to Your Success

"Working with Professional Services is really working with the gurus of the system."   - Josh Johnson, Manager Operations Development, Long Beach Container Terminals

"The N4 Go-Live implementation went very well and literally within two weeks of the go live, we actually set our weekly vessel lift records. So it went very well."   - Chris Garbarino, Vice President Operations, Ports America, PNCT

N4 Implementations

Large or small, automated or manual, on premise or in the cloud, our customers rely on the Navis Services team to make their implementations run smoothly, quickly, and improve their time to value.
Effective implementation of a terminal systems can spell the difference between a terminal's success and failure, profit or loss. Navis has the most successful implementation track record in the business. Our Services team brings the lessons we've learned from our experiences in more than 280 implementations Our implementation process minimizes time to delivery, lowers your total cost of ownership, and mitigates risk.

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N4 Upgrades

Navis understands how important it is to keep your technology investment current and up-to-date with the latest N4 releases. Our services team focuses on a methodology that makes your upgrades as simple and low-risk as possible, so that you can benefit from the most current features and keep up with today’s competitive market.