IT System Performance and Stability

Protect your Investment

IT Infrastructure Sizing, Audit, and Monitoring

The dependability and stability of your terminal rests on your total IT Infrastructure footprint, not just the individual components. Navis offers consulting to help you make sure your total technology footprint is sized correctly, has the correct network and infrastructure setup, and can be easily monitored.

Stress and Performance Testing

Navis services offers a suite of testing tools to make sure your N4 system will be ready for maximum load. Stress testing checks the performance of key functional areas like the gate under intense data load, while performance testing simulates N4 functioning at various levels of operational throughput.

Test Planning and Automation

A key to making your tests effective is careful planning. Navis can consult with you around industry best practices for N4 testing, as well as helping you set up a repository of tests that can be repeated as you receive new releases from Navis. We can also assist in automating many manual tests (both on the N4 and on the XPS side) to minimize the amount of repeated manual work you have to do for each new release.

Test Team Augmentation

Testing is an ongoing need for each terminal that runs Navis software. Often, the testing resources that were available for the initial N4 implementation are not available long term, leaving a gap in testing resources. Navis can help. We have an offshore team of testers who can run both manual and automated tests over time to augment your team, and make sure that each release is tested against your terminal’s environment and configuration.