Navis N4

The Industry Standard Terminal Operating System

Navis N4 is a sophisticated and modern technology platform that optimizes efficiency and powers the intelligent movement of goods through container terminals worldwide.  This next generation terminal operating system is designed to offer unparalleled value and grow with the terminal at the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). The N4 technology platform is very maintainable and adaptable, allowing customers the flexibility and scalability they need to run their operations, from a single terminal to multiple terminals across multiple geographic locations, all within a single instance.

In operation at more than 100 sites worldwide, more than 130 total sites have committed to Navis N4. 

Why are so many terminals worldwide choosing N4?

Navis N4 is the only terminal operating system that enables you to:

  • Easily support future growth while reducing operational overhead
  • Integrate, deploy and administer across multiple sites
  • Focus on creating a more unified and integrated IT strategy and growth concept
  • Create a highly configurable solution
  • Centralize back office administration
  • Keep up with technology advances

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