N4 Automation Interface

Extensible and Flexible

The terminal operating system (TOS) needs to interface with the equipment control systems that run the automated equipment in real-time. The TOS needs to establish the communication on a flexible and consistent system. Different approaches and architectures are being discussed in the industry. Navis' approach is to develop an open and scalable automation interface that is standard, generic and vendor agnostic. Utilizing generic APIs that are independent of any one system provider and independent of the particularities of a given solution, provide a sustainable, reliable and efficient option for each case of implementation.

Designed to facilitate integration and communication with 3rd party hardware and software systems, the N4 Automation Interface sends the following information to the Equipment Control System:

  • Berthing
  • Vessel Planning
  • Scheduling and Optimization
  • Sequencing
  • Workflow and Process Control
  • TP Status
  • Yard Inventory
  • Execeptions Handling
  • App Status 

And receives the following information back into the TOS:

  • Equipment Status and Monitoring
  • Routing and Time Calculations
  • Jobs Execution Status
  • Job Aborts and Cancels
  • Area Status
  • Inventory Updates
  • Execeptions Handling
  • App Status