Semi-Automated Terminals

Navis N4 optimizes operations at semi-automated terminals

Navis N4 is flexible enough for terminals to use a combination of automated and manned equipment types.  For example, terminals have used automated stacking cranes with manned shuttles or straddle carriers with N4.  In addition, Automated Yard Cranes (AYC) are supported with equipment control and monitoring systems and can be combined with manned straddle carriers and terminal tractors.

N4 also supports process automation at the gate with a full set of process APIs for various types of automated gates, such as gates with scanning devices or an interactive trucker kiosk systems. These APIs enable N4 to receive data from third party gate devices, create truck visits, automatically process gate transactions, and send and respond to specific requests.  

Crane Automation is supported with extensible APIs for managing the interactions between crane optical character readers (OCR) and crane automation systems (CAS) to achieve automated load and discharge of containers for quay-crane based vessel operations and RGC-based rail operations. This API is adaptable to handle requirements for fully manned, semi-automated, and fully-automated terminals.

Some of the terminals partnering with Navis on their semi-automated operations include: 

  • DP World London Gateway, case study video above, in the United Kingdom is a semi-automated facility that uses manned shuttles with ASCs integrated with Navis N4. The landside operations of the container yard are fully automated with Kalmar Automated Truck Handling. As the first solution of its kind in the world, it enables end-to-end automation by using laser sensors to measure the exact location of the trailer’s twistlocks in the truck. It feeds the information to the crane, which automatically adjusts the position of the container for a perfect grounding onto the trailer.
  • Global Container Terminals in Bayonne New Jersey is using N4 to manage automated rail mounted gantry's (A-RMG) and manned RTGs.  N4 the advaned terminal operating solutions is ensuring that containers get to the right place at the right time.  They are also using RFID, OCR and remote video inspections to process 5000 transactions per day and less than 45 minute turn times.
  • DP World Brisbane in Australia celebrated the official opeing of the new semi-automaed terminal in 2014.  Navis N4 is the TOS that is managing the operation that is combining manned shuttle carriers with Automated Stacking Cranes (ASC)s.