Ensure Successful Implementation and Maintenance of Your TOS

An effective systems testing strategy is critical to your terminal’s TOS implementation and to ongoing IT change management initiatives. Prior to going live with any new terminal operating system, testing will determine how the system will perform in terms of responsiveness and stability under particular workloads. It helps to investigate, measure, validate and verify scalability, reliability and usage. 

The Navis Professional Services team can assist you in the construction of your test strategy (including automation and emulation where necessary) and test plans, including the development of test cases followed by the execution, tracking and follow up of the trial runs. Our Professional Services team is able to leverage the technical experiences from testing our products during development, coupled with the business knowledge and understanding gleaned from working with our large customer base. This means that we can help you accelerate the definition, implementation and maintenance of your testing strategy.

Navis Testing includes:

  • Operational Performance Testing: Validates that the automated decisions the TOS is making is optimally configured for the specifics of the terminal.
  • Systems Performance (Stress) Testing: Tests representative and exceptional volumes of transactions in order to exercise transaction volumes being imposed on the infrastructure and operational transactions processed by the TOS configuration.
  • Systems Integration Testing: Tests of all major sub-systems, tested together (end-to-end testing) to ensure that the processes, systems and people working together in a live operational environment can do so successfully.

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