XPS Operations

Course Description

This course is designed specifically for individuals who will establish the terminal operating strategies and who will be responsible for developing ongoing system requirements. This is not an overview course.

This 5 day course is intended for the serious terminal operating system user or terminal IT manager. In this course, students will work with a Navis expert instructor to cover all standard functions of SPARCS TOS. Through lecture, hands-on exercises, and routine quizzes, students will emerge from the course able to plan yard and vessel operations, based on their own terminal strategies.

Please note that this class is appropriate both for the SPARCS application and for the N4 applications. N4 students must first take the N4 Operations course before attending this course. Typically, the N4 Operations course and the
XPS Operations course are taught sequentially to make up a 10 day N4 & XPS Operations course.


  • Working knowledge of terminal operations
  • Sound computer skills
  • N4 Operations course


  • Terminal managers
  • Vessel planners
  • Yard planners
  • XPS Administrators


  • 5 days of intensive training
  • Hands-on labs and experience
  • Catered lunch
  • One workstation per student
  • Student materials
  • Promotional items

Course Topics:

  • Vessel planning
  • Work queues
  • EDI
  • Projections
  • Discharge and load
  • Plans and reports
  • Weights and moments
  • Berth scheduling
  • Automated vessel discharge
  • Yard operations
  • Equipment control
  • Marking and dispatching work instructions
  • Handling exceptions
  • Equipment control operations
  • Straddle and RTG operations
  • Quay Commander advanced module
  • Expert Decking advanced module

**All other expenses of travel are the student’s responsibility.

Download the N4 & XPS TOS Operations Training Course Agenda »